Suntan cream Extreme SPF 50+ (20 ml)

Born to assure an effective
clamp to avoid waste and
unintentional pressure
It increases the body wellness nourishing
and protecting your skin.
It increases the body wellness nourishing
and protecting your skin.
2nd skin system comes from the concepts of super-tech world, where technical clothing is not considered as something to be added to the body in order to protect it but rather something that helps our body system (and ultimately our skin – heat exchanger) enforcing the existence area. We therefore replace the term “ADD” with “INTEGRATE”. Here comes the concept of “second skin” referring to all that covers you.

Sportsman wishes a product able to protect-tan-moisturize him, but he does NOT want to feel it on, as for the technical clothe he wears. Using a product being conscious of its effective qualities improves the performance.

Noil 2nd Skin System becomes therefore your second skin, the essential element that helps your true skin under particular circumstances: perspiring, protective, essential. It is enriched by the presence of trace elements and a multivitamin complex that keep the skin supple and smooth providing essential elements to cutaneous wellness. The trace elements revitalize stressed skin after an intense physical activity and stimulate the antioxidant protection features against free radicals. The combination of zinc, magnesium and silicon ensures the moisture balance of skin tissue and a sebum-regulating, mineralizing and oxygenating action. The multivitamin complex is indispensable for helping hydration, tone and cell renewal. The joint action of A, B1, B5, E, F vitamins repair the skin micro-cracks caused by low temperatures and soothes redness caused by sun, salt and wind, nourishing and regenerating the skin.
Wide range
Sport can be considered as extreme when extreme are the conditions where it takes place: biting cold, boiling hot, dangerous solar radiation; unease situations that require an help for organism and skin. The face parts like ears, nose and cheekbones have to be absolutely protected. Noil Extreme acts in these circumstances.
Sensitive areas
Ears, nose, lips and auricles are the areas more exposed to sun radiations.